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We are a full-service research, rapid response, and competitive intelligence consulting firm. We bring years of experience finding solutions for corporate, political, and non-profit organizations to a diverse range of strategic challenges.

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We have built our reputations on delivering critical insights and intelligence that allow organizations and campaigns to control the narrative and advance their objectives. Our dedicated team is committed to finding creative solutions to the vast array of challenges the modern media environment presents. From launch to victory, we provide comprehensive guidance and actionable communications strategies that deliver results.


comprehensive analysis that prepares you to control the narrative


preparation and infrastructure so that no attack goes unanswered


pivotal communication game plans for dominating your competition


persistent monitoring that turns threats into opportunities

Our People

Kris Anderson

Kris Anderson is a research and communications professional with a decade of experience working in American politics, as well as advising Fortune 500 companies and non-profit organizations. A veteran of Governor Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential bid, Kris served as the campaign’s Research Director, where he was responsible for developing the campaign’s attack and response strategies against President Obama, including during the presidential debates. Most recently, Kris served as Research Director and Deputy Communications Director at the Republican National Committee, leading the organization’s 15-person Research team that uncovered and exposed some of the election cycle’s most-covered campaign stumbles. Kris also served as Research Director and Deputy Communications Director for Governor Jon Huntsman’s presidential bid, as well as in senior campaign roles for Carly Fiorina and Steve Poizner. A West Coast native, Kris got his start in California politics, working as a policy analyst on Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s successful re-election campaign.

Edward Murphy

Edward Murphy is a research and communications professional with more than a decade working in high-level political and governmental roles. Most recently, he served as Director of Research for Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner. In 2014, he led research efforts for Rauner’s successful campaign against incumbent Illinois Governor Pat Quinn. In 2013, he served as Deputy Research Director at the Republican National Committee, where he was responsible for developing daily research reports on Democratic Senators, Congressmen and Governor who were up for reelection. In the 2012 cycle, he served as Research Director for Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown’s reelection cycle. An Illinois native, Ed got his start working for then-Congressman Mark Kirk, working on his 2006 and 2008 reelection efforts, and serving as Research Director for Kirk’s successful 2010 capture of Barack Obama’s former Senate seat.

Webber Steinhoff

Webber Steinhoff is a seasoned research and rapid response professional, who has worked at the highest levels of politics and government including as Rapid Response Director on Governor Mitt Romney's 2012 campaign. Most recently, Webber served as Deputy Research Director at the Republican National Committee where he was responsible for helping develop daily hits on the Obama administration, as well as 2014 and 2016 Democrats. Prior to Romney's 2012 campaign, Webber was a Communications Advisor in Sen. Mitch McConnell’s leadership office. During the 2008 cycle, Webber worked in research for the presidential campaigns of Governor Romney and Senator John McCain. Webber got his start in politics working as an analyst in RNC Research during the 2006 cycle. His first memory of politics was asking his parents who they were going to vote for in the 1988 presidential election.

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